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Multi Extending Coffee Table - Black 01

Multi Extending Coffee Table - Black 01


From: £1695.00

The Multi extending height adjustable coffee table is a piece of furniture that exudes elegance. But like all of Furl's innovative products, it’s also so much more. Multi also extends and transforms into a fabulous dining table that comfortably seats 8/10 people.

When it’s closed Multi is contemporary coffee table that oozes style and sophistication. It measures 120cm by 75cm and is 25cm high – so is perfect in a sitting room alongside a sofa (or indeed one of Furl’s comfortable sofa beds).

As a coffee table it’s incredibly versatile because it’s fully height adjustable. You could be sitting on the floor Japanese style taking sushi or enjoying a game of monopoly from the comfort of the sofa; its simple lever height adjustment effortlessly lets you raise or lower the table to suite you and your activity. Better still, because Multi is on castors, it moves easily around the room.

In a matter of moments Multi can also open out to become a dining table. Straight forward design means that it quickly and easily transforms to 220cm long. Multi has been designed to effortlessly lift to the perfect 84cm tall.

Multi is available in a comprehensive range of finishes including wood, leather, stone and glass, we even offer a special mark less glass that doesn’t show finger prints!


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