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LED Tinted Bulb A

LED Tinted Bulb A

Fritz Fryer
01989 567416

Price: £24.99

Led Tinted Edison Style Squirrel Cage Bulb.

Our new range of energy efficient LED squirrel cage bulbs give you a cost effective alternative to the designer look you desire - a fantastic combination of sustainable technology and classic design.

The tinted glass helps to give the usually bright LED light a classicaly warm feel when lit.

These bulbs have an estimated lifetime of 20,000 hours (~833 days) and are fully dimmable with Trailing edge/reverse cut dimming systems.

Running on only 4W these bulbs give off as much light as a conventional 60W bulb.

Stats: If this bulb was lit for 8 hours a day 7 days a week it is estimated to last 6.82 years.