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Porch 05

Porch 05

Garden Requisites
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4' Porch with straight sides

A 24" deep solid roofed porch, shown here with straight, wirework sides. The handwoven latticework sides are ideal for twining plants and will add privacy and shelter when fully clothed with plants. Any size made to order.

Porches provide an elegant covered entrance for any exterior door, ideal for wet weather protection, while the wirework lattice side panels offer sturdy support for climbing plants, especially when combined with matching planters.

A front porch is a statement piece that will add real value to your property, and Scoop porch designs are available in any size for all types of external doors, including large porches for patio doors. For a more authentic feature on a period property, choose from Garden Requisites' range of traditional designs such as a Georgian porch or an Ironwork porch.

Customise your porch design with lattice panels, including straight lattice wirework, curved lattice wirework, circular iron columns or iron framework.

H 8'6" x W 4' x D 24" (260 x 122 x 61cm)

From £1,595