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Tubby Tub Bedroom 03

Tubby Tub Bedroom 03

The Albion Bath Company
01255 831605

From: £1721.00

The Tubby Tub finished in 'Burnished' Iron. Created for the tiniest of bathrooms or even for installation in your bedroom! Measuring 1200mm (4ft) in length, 730mm wide and height 890mm overall. This results in a short, compact bath that still allows an average size person to submerge themselves. The exterior of the bath can be finished in any Dulux Trade or Farrow & Ball colour or one of Albion's three metallic "Burnished" finishes (Gold, Iron, Bronze). Taps can either be rim mounted or if specified, the Tubby Tub can be cast with a continuous roll top and the taps then mounted on an adjacent wall or on Albion stand pipes. The feet are supplied in the traditional style and cast using grey iron and can be finished to a Dulux Trade colour or one of Albion's 3 metallic "Burnished" finishes.

Price of Tubby Bath on feet is £1721.00.

Additional cost for Burnished Iron finish (shown):
From £387.00(for bath exterior)
From £148 (for plinth/feet)