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Rainforest Tiles 02

Rainforest Tiles 02

Stone & Ceramic Warehouse
020 8993 5545

From: £96.00

Rainforest Plain Navy Slab Tiles

These huge slab tiles (Up to 120x240cm), are perfect for making a chic, contemporary statement.

The Rainforest plain navy tiles are the perfect accompaniment to the Rainforest patterned tiles. Also available in white and grey.

Plain tiles available in;
120x240: £144 per m2
120x120cm: £96 per m2

Rainforest patterned tiles:
£216 per m2

Slab tiles from Stone & Ceramic Warehouse are only 3 - 6mm thick, making them exceptionally easy to handle, and span from 120 x 240cm up to a huge 160 x 320cm. Slab tiles are perfect for anyone wanting to create minimalist interior designs and are an excellent low-maintenance solution for any kind of room.