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Duette Sofa Bed - Lifestyle Open

Duette Sofa Bed - Lifestyle Open


From: £1380.00

A versatile, attractive sofa bed with deep, cushions for superior comfort and a bed with a proper mattress that your guests will love. Compact, practical and simple to convert to a full-size bed with no need to remove the cushions, Duette has been designed for everyday use.

6 Real bed sizes, 4 Arm designs
Delivered in sections for easy access
Choose from 100s of colours
Choose leather, wood or fabric
As comfortable as your main bed
Made in the UK
From £1380.00

This Sofa Bed: Duette, Fabric: Linwood Omega Velvet, Airforce Blue, Arms: Slim, Feet: Black.
Price as shown: £2960.00