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Shepherds Crook & Lantern 3

Shepherds Crook & Lantern 3

Modern Country Style Interiors
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Price: £35.00

Rustic Shepherds Crook and Ornate Metal Lantern.

This ornate metal lantern and rustic shepherds crook is sure to add an ambient glow to any garden. Approximately 150 cm tall this ornate shepherds crook has spiked ends making it easy to fix into the ground or plant pots. This set includes both the shepherds crook and the ornate metal lantern which measures 43 x 14 x 14 cm at its widest point. Inspired by the traditional shepherds crook used to herd cattle this shepherds crook and lantern set has a lovely aged effect finish lending itself well to any outdoor space.

Lighting makes a huge difference to the ambience and feel of any space. Pretty garden lanterns look lovely dotted around the patio and garden, this traditional style shepherds crook and ornate metal lantern looks beautiful nestled in garden borders and is ideal for illuminating pathways.